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Timing in the divorce process is critical. You need a divorce attorney who has the knowledge and experience to navigate tough issues and guide you through the legal process of a divorce. At Griffith Law Office, we specialize in handling divorce cases and can provide you with legal representation, advice, and support throughout the process.

We serve clients seeking a divorce attorney near Tomball, TX.

Rachael Griffith is a divorce attorney that can explain the laws and court procedures relevant to your case, which can help you understand the potential outcomes of different legal strategies. From mediation to litigation, Rachael can help you navigate the legal system and ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

When you choose Griffith Law, we can help you make informed decisions about issues such as property division, child custody, and alimony. Additionally, she will work with you to understand your specific situation and goals.


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Areas Of Practice In Family Law Near Tomball, TX

  • Family Law


    Rachael Griffith can ensure your assets are properly distributed according to your wishes after your death. We can help you create a comprehensive estate plan that includes a will, trust, powers of attorney, and other legal documents that can help to protect your assets and ensure that your loved ones are provided for. Need an estate planning lawyer near Tomball, TX? Contact us for help.

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  • Guardianship Law


    Good communication and negotiation skills are vital during a child custody case. Rachael Griffith will work with parents, children, and other legal professionals to reach a fair and workable custody arrangement. Rachael's ability to empathize with you and understand the emotional nature of child custody disputes is critical to helping parents come to an agreement that is in the children's best interests. Our child custody attorney near Tomball, TX, is here to help.

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  • Guardianship Law


    Rachael serves as a will & probate attorney for Tomball, Texas. We understand the need to have your wishes followed after your passing. We will work with your loved one to ensure your family is not met with any unneeded stress and anxiety. Put Rachael's experience to the test. Contact us for your wills and probate needs in Tomball, TX.

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  • Guardianship Law


    Adoption is a beautiful thing. Rachael Griffith has experience helping adoptive parents and parents relinquishing their parental rights. Rachael represents your interests and ensures your voice is heard throughout the adoption process. Contact our adoption attorney near Tomball, TX today.

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Experienced Family Lawyer in Tomball, TX

Since 2012, Rachael has worked for the best outcome in family law matters. Griffith Law will work on your family law case through careful negotiation, collaboration, mediation, and litigation. If you need a divorce lawyer, custody attorney, estate planning attorney, or adoption attorney, we are here to ensure you're rights are upheld.

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