Guardianship Law


When a person becomes disabled or incapacitated, it’s crucial that a trusted family member obtain the legal right to take care of them and make important decisions on their behalf.

A guardianship law attorney in Smith County can help you ensure all appropriate paperwork is filed correctly without complications, so you can provide the best care to your incapacitated loved one.

A guardianship attorney may also facilitate resolutions of disputes that could arise between the family members of the individual who needs an appointed guardian.

Additionally, most guardianship lawyers can help with estate planning, probate, and other legal matters.

At Griffith Law, we assist the Tyler area community in a wide range of guardianship proceedings, as well as contested guardianship issues. When it comes to laws about guardianship, many contested cases revolve around money and control. Our goal is to create resolutions in the greatest interest of the incapacitated person in question while working to preserve or foster harmony among the family.

If someone you care about has become incapacitated and needs someone close to them to obtain Power of Attorney, you can request the court to appoint you as guardian to make decisions on their behalf. It is critical for their well-being that their guardian has the appropriate power to make these decisions with their utmost best interest in mind.

For more information on the many aspects of guardianship law in East Texas, contact the guardianship law attorney at Griffith Law today.