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Attorney Rachael Griffith proudly serves The Woodlands area as a highly qualified family law attorney in The Woodlands, TX.

We help you during difficult periods of life

Rachel is an experienced divorce attorney and child custody lawyer and provides exceptional representation in the courts of The Woodlands.

Having an experienced family lawyer in The Woodlands by your side can make all the difference in your legal battle. Rachel will work to keep your family together and protect your best interests.

Prevent unnecessarily long and potentially harmful legal battles. Rachel is committed to handling your family law needs if you need a professional, expert legal counsel and litigation attorney.

Some of the many cases we handle for our woodlands clients include:

  • Alimony in The Woodlands
  • Annulment in The Woodlands Common-Law Marriage in The Woodlands
  • Estate Planning in The Woodlands
  • Guardianship in The Woodlands
  • Habeas Corpus in The Woodlands
  • Infidelity Divorce in The Woodlands
  • Interference with Custody in The Woodlands
  • Last Will and Testament in The Woodlands
  • LGBT Adoption in The Woodlands
  • LGBT Divorce in The Woodlands
  • Possession Schedule in The Woodlands
  • Probate Law in The Woodlands

  • Property Enforcement in The Woodlands
  • Protective Orders in The Woodlands
  • Special Needs in The Woodlands
  • Spousal Support in The Woodlands
  • Supervised Visits in The Woodlands

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Areas of practice

  • Divorce Attorney

    Your divorce lawyer in The Woodlands must understand the powerful emotions involved in your case. At Griffith Law, we will work tirelessly to ensure your divorce case is handled with the compassion and respect you and your loved ones deserve.

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  • Family Law

    From divorce to child custody, support, and more, a family law attorney must understand the powerful emotions involved in each case. At Griffith Law, we will work for you to ensure your family law case is handled with the utmost attention to detail and respect.

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  • Alimony Lawyers

    Give yourself peace of mind after your divorce is final. Are you facing the fact that you may not be able to support yourself after the finalization of your divorce sufficiently? Our team can help ensure your reasonable needs are met throughout and after your divorce.

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  • Custody Attorney

    Determining the custody of minors brings a whole host of possible complications. Rachael Griffith is an experienced custody attorney ready to help you and yours reach the best possible outcome for your family.

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  • Prenups

    Protect your new life together. A prenup helps everyone understand which assets merge and which ones don't. We can help your family navigate amicable negotiations before, during, and after your wedding vows.

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  • Mediation

    Rachel Griffith brings a keen sense of how to resolve disputes through intuitive and balanced mediation. We will use our experience and dedication to resolve your mediation needs in a fair, honest manner.

  • Adoption Law

    Adoption is exciting, yet navigating the process is overwhelming. Our adoption attorneys in The Woodlands will provide the sound guidance and help you need to make it through the adoption process.

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  • Estate Planning and Wills

    Are you looking for a lawyer that does wills in The Woodlands? The best way to ensure your rights and assets are protected after your passing is to let the Griffith Law Office help you. We will defend your rights in estate law and understands how to plan ahead to preserve your family's future.