Enforcement of Orders

We ENFORCe Court ORDERS So You Can Move On With Peace Of Mind

Navigating the aftermath of a divorce can bring new complexities - especially when your ex does not respect and obey court orders. The stress is real...

  • Feeling powerless when your ex disobeys court orders
  • Continuously fighting for your rights long after the judge has struck the gavel
  • Handling legal processes alone with no advocate in your corner

At Griffith Law, our family attorneys in Tyler, TX are dedicated to standing up for you. We are well-versed in enforcing court orders, ensuring you are not walked on like a doormat. We tirelessly fight for your rights, so you can move on once and for all.

You're not alone - we're here, and we're on your side.

Judgments and court orders regarding property division, child support, and child custody arrangement must be taken seriously. We'll see to it that they are.


  • Fails to pay child or spousal support
  • Relocates without permission
  • Violates the injunctions from the child custody order
  • Violates visitation agreements

At Griffith Law, we've helped many individuals throughout East Texas enforce their court orders after a divorce. We have experience taking the various forms of action to help our clients enforce their orders. Whether it requires holding the other party in contempt of court or seeking a warrant for their arrest, such actions can ensure you receive the money owed and force the other parent to abide by the guidelines established by a court order.

For more information on Griffith Law’s Smith County enforcement services, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.