Child Protective Services

Don't Face Child Protective Services Alone. We're In Your Corner.

Seeing an agent from Child Protective Services (CPS) on your door step is every parent's nightmare. You may be feeling:

  • Fear of losing custody of your children
  • Anxiety of navigating CPS inquiries alone
  • Pressure to prove your parental competence

The Griffith Law Firm in Tyler, TX, is your anchor in the storm.

Our professional, tenacious, and compassionate CPS attorneys understand your fears. We specialize in CPS-related cases, advocating fiercely for your parental rights while navigating the complex legal waters.

With Griffith Law by your side, you'll never stand alone. Your fight is our fight.

How The Griffith Law Firm Can Help

CPS provides a valuable service, protecting the lives of children throughout the state, ensuring they are nurtured in loving homes.

Unfortunately, cases often arise where an angry family member, ex-spouse, or confused neighbor falsely accuses a parent of abusing or neglecting their children. When this happens, your wisest course of action is to reach out to a qualified CPS lawyer in East Texas from Griffith Law.

As a team of parental rights attorneys in Smith County, the Griffith Law Firm will work to defend you and your children against unjust accusations put forward by other parties, including CPS. Our goal is to protect both your rights and the rights of your children against such unnecessary intrusions by CPS.

Our deep understanding of the law means we have the tools and experience necessary to ensure your family doesn’t suffer the loss of a child at the hands of the state. For more information on our CPS attorney services, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.