Guardianship Law


Cases often arise in which divided families end up in court to argue over who should be appointed as legal guardian of a disabled or incapacitated individual. The primary focus of a guardianship law attorney in Smith County is to facilitate resolutions of disputes that meet the highly specific needs of their young, elderly, or disabled family members.

At Griffith Law, we assist our Tyler area community in a wide range of contested guardianship proceedings. Many cases revolve around money and control. Our goal is to create resolutions in the greatest interest of the incapacitated person in question while working to preserve or foster  harmony in the divided family.

If you have become incapacitated and do not have someone close to you with Power of Attorney, the court system may appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf. It is critical for your well-being that your guardian has the appropriate power to make these decisions with your utmost best interest in mind.

For more information on the many aspects of guardianship law in East Texas, contact a guardianship law attorney at Griffith Law today.