divorce Is hard

You Need A Tireless Divorce Lawyer in Harris County, Texas

Everyone deserves a happy, healthy family. Unfortunately, sometimes happily ever after changes, which means the family structure changes.

The family law attorney at Griffith Law can help make these life changes easier. We will work to arrive at a solution that works for your family and ensures the best interest of everyone involved.

Without proper representation during a legal battle pertaining to a divorce, your choice of a family law lawyer near Klein can make all the difference.

Choose The Divorce Attorney Near Klein Who Will Listen To Your Side

Every story has two sides, and it is our job to listen to yours with compassion and respect. Our goal is to give you the family law advice you need and explain the process thoroughly, so we can settle and a decision can be made on how life will go on for you and your family.

We understand family law issues can be complex and confusing. As your family attorney near Klein, we want you to have everything you need during your case. When seeking a divorce attorney, custody lawyer, adoption attorney, and estate planning attorney in Klein, TX, call Griffith Law.

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Areas Of Practice In Family Law Near Klein, TX

  • Family Law


    Divorce is hard enough on the adults involved in a case, but often it's the hardest on children. Our custody attorney near Klein will guide you to a child custody outcome in your children's best interest so they can adjust to their new life circumstances.

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  • Guardianship Law


    Bringing a new life home through adoption is exciting, but for a birth parent relinquishing parental rights, it can require extreme bravery. Whether you are an adoptive parent needing an adoption attorney near Klein, TX, or a birth parent, our compassionate legal team at Griffith Law Office is here for you.

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  • Guardianship Law


    Hire Griffith Law to ensure you and your family's rights are protected after you pass away. Rachael Griffith is an estate planning attorney near Klein who is experienced in estate law. Rest assured, your final wishes will be documented and upheld.

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  • Guardianship Law


    Leave your family with the gift of peace and assurance. You've worked hard to provide for your family. Why stop now? Rachel is a will and probate attorney for Klein, TX, who can help you document your wishes and ensure that your family can move forward and heal quickly.

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Family Lawyer in Klein, TX

The best outcomes in family law are found with Griffith Law on your side. Rachael will attack your family law case through careful negotiation, collaboration, mediation, and litigation. If you need a custody attorney, divorce lawyer, estate planning attorney, or adoption attorney, we are here to ensure you're rights are upheld.

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