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When you need a divorce lawyer, child custody attorney, child support attorney, or guardianship lawyer in Athens, Texas, look no further than Griffith Law. Our firm practices a comprehensive array of family law, estate planning, and guardianship law services for our Athens clients. As an experienced divorce attorney and child custody lawyer serving Henderson County, Rachael Griffith acts as an ardent defender of her clients' rights during the most difficult periods of their lives.

If you find yourself in a legal battle to protect your family, you need to know the Athens area family law attorney, child custody lawyer, and child support attorney on your team has what it takes to help you succeed in court. Our mission at Griffith Law is to provide exceptional representation for each of our clients as they seek to repair divisions in their families and return their lives to normal. To that end, we are incredibly compassionate and focused in our pursuit of peace and justice for our clients.

Some of the many cases we handle for our Athens, Texas clients include:

Rachael Griffith is a child custody lawyer and divorce attorney in Athens who understands the immense stress and emotional turmoil a family law, divorce, or guardianship law case can inflict on individuals and families in Athens. That’s why she works every day to ensure her clients receive not only superior legal representation, but a supportive ally in their cause to restore balance to what matters most in their lives.

To learn more about the Athens, Texas area family law attorney, divorce lawyer, guardianship attorney, and estate planning lawyer at Griffith Law, contact a representative from our team today.

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Areas of practice

  • Family Law

    Family Lawyer

    From divorce to child custody, support, and more, a family law attorney must understand the powerful emotions involved in each case. At Griffith Law, we will work tirelessly to ensure your East Texas family law case is handled with the compassion and respect you and your loved ones deserve.

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  • Guardianship Law

    Guardianship Lawyer

    Determining the proper guardian of a child, elderly parent, or disabled loved one comes with a whole host of complications in the legal system of East Texas. Rachael Griffith is an experienced guardianship law attorney ready to help you and yours reach the most beneficial possible outcome.

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  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning Attorney

    The best way to ensure your rights and assets are protected after your passing is to let the Griffith Law Office help you. Rachael Griffith is an ardent defender of her clients’ rights in estate law and understands how to plan ahead to preserve your family’s future.

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