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Since 2012, Rachael has protected the rights of her clients and ensured they get the best possible outcome in their family law matters.

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Griffith Law Office P.C.

Griffith Law Office P.C.

If you’re facing a divorce, child custody, or child support case, Rachael Griffith is a Family Attorney in Tyler, TX who can help you navigate your case. Rachael’s priority is to make her clients feel safe and have confidence that their needs are understood and heard.

Our clients often express frustrations from working with other family law attorneys. They tell us, “My Tyler Divorce Attorney didn’t take my calls or respond to my emails,” or “I felt like my lawyer barely understood my case when we went to court.” That’s why Rachael is committed to keeping her clients in the loop.

You can rest assured that all the stress and frustration from a divorce, child custody, or other family law matter is in trustworthy hands. Rachael also serves as a guardianship lawyer in Tyler. She handles estate planning and probate law for her clients. Whatever family law needs you may have, Rachael is here to help.

As an experienced family lawyer in Tyler, TX, Rachael’s goal is to help you find resolution and reach a favorable verdict in your case. To set up a consultation regarding your family law case, call (903) 636-3700 or fill out the form on our contact page.

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Rachael Griffith works to resolve a wide range of cases through careful negotiation, collaboration, mediation, and litigation. While most family law cases reach out-of-court settlements, Rachael is prepared to take your case to trial if required. Her goal is to act as a strong defender of your rights – no matter the complexity of your case.

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Areas of practice

When dealing with a divorce or other family disputes, a family and divorce lawyer must understand the powerful emotions involved in each case. At Griffith Law, we will work tirelessly to ensure your East Texas family law case is handled with the compassion and respect you and your loved ones deserve.
  • Divorce Lawyer

    Divorce Lawyer

    Divorce cases are very difficult, not just legally but emotionally. It’s essential to hire a divorce attorney in Tyler, TX who takes time to understand your situation and advocate for your rights. At the Griffith Law Firm, we give you stability and sound legal advice by explaining what to expect when going through a divorce.

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  • Guardianship Law

    Guardianship Law

    Determining the proper guardian of an elderly parent, spouse, or disabled loved one comes with a whole host of complications in the legal system of East Texas. Rachael Griffith is an experienced guardianship attorney in Tyler who is ready to help you reach the most beneficial outcome possible to care for your loved ones.

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  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning

    The best way to ensure your rights and assets are protected after your passing is to hire an estate planning attorney in Tyler to draft your estate planning documents. Rachael Griffith is an ardent defender of her clients’ rights in estate law and understands how to plan ahead to preserve your family’s future.

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  • Child custody

    Child Custody

    As a mom and former elementary teacher, Rachael Griffith is passionate about caring for and protecting children. And as a child custody attorney, the best interest of your kids is always her number one priority. Rachael is committed to advocating for and protecting your parental rights, no matter what.

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  • Child support

    Child Support

    The Texas Family Code is pretty clear on child support when one parent has primary custody. However, these matters become less straightforward when a tailored possession schedule or other unique circumstances are involved in litigation. Hiring a qualified legal expert is crucial to guarantee the best outcome.

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  • Probate law

    Probate Law

    Do you need a lawyer to help you navigate the probate process of distributing inheritance? Rachael Griffith can give you legal counsel, explain the process, and handle all the legal details so you can focus on grieving the loss of your loved one.

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At the Griffith Law Firm, we are passionate about serving residents in East Texas, including Tyler, TX, Athens, TX, Canton, TX, Longview, TX, and all of Smith County. We can help you with legal representation for your family law, guardianship law, or estate planning matters.

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Why Hire Rachael Griffith As Your Tyler, TX Family Lawyer?

● More than 8 years of experience protecting her clients’ rights
● Responds to emails and phone calls ASAP
● Keeps clients in the loop with all updates of their case
● Extensive trial experience with all three Smith County family courts and other courts in East Texas
● Rachael is a parent and former teacher who cares about the well-being of your children
● Board of Directors for the Smith County Bar Association
● Won the Volunteer Attorney of the Year award in 2017 with Lone Star Legal Aid

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